Duck Life 4, a upgrade type of game with ducks
Developed by Simon Wixon
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Train your ducks and compete in races and tournaments. The life of a duck is short so do not waste time, and train your duckling.

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OhMyGodd I've Become Addicted To Playing This Game.
LegitDino's profile page
duck life is always going to be an awesome series add me:)
sean45's profile page
I played it for like 2 hours, looked at the time and said "What am I doing?"
MissKKira's profile page
WOW..! i'm very love this game...! add me..!
ex member account
i love this games
ex member account
This game is awesome :p
Ella's profile page
these games are awesome
jlw125's profile page
dont forget duck life 3...!
ozone's profile page
the ducklife games are fun but kinda easy
Joshie's profile page
Yahoo.The most waited game has come... It's suuuuuuuuperb.
sidharthsivas's profile page
i want his game ever in my life so nice
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this is great! i have 5 ducks.
gwenmorgan's profile page
AMAZING! This is better than the other one!!! Continue at making awesome games Simon Wixon!! YOU ROCK!!!!! !!!!.!!! :P
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this game is soooooo cute
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