Compete against football teams across the world and win the cup Africa. Assemble a team of cartoon super heroes and kick out the competition.
Train your duckling to become the champion of racing ducks and save your farm. Run, swim, and fly your way to be the leader of the flock as you train and rac...
A fun zombie-themed pool game where you must pool the balls while avoiding zombie arms and other disgusting monsters.
Test your driving skills in this great 3d car simulator game. Pick your favorite car whether it's a sport car, truck or even an golf car and head to the circ...
Run with your shopping cart, jump in it and see how far you can go. Many have tried. Many have failed. Do you have what it takes to be a hero?
A fun NBA sports game in 3D. Choose your favorite team and compete against other teams from the league.
Pick your favorite horse, train him take the horse eventing world by storm! Start by participating at different events such as Barrel Racing, Calf Cutting an...
A fun fotball penalty simulation game. Pick a team and win the championship.
Gone to the Dogs is the latest in sports gambling on dog racing entertainment. The player is a dog trainer just starting out in the racing world. It's up to ...
Play a physics based soccer game against the computer or your friends! Push the UP arrow button to control your team.
Do you have what it takes to become the best Unicycle Athlete ever? Use AS and KL keys to balance and propel your unicycle to the 100 meter finish, in the fa...
Lead your team to glory in this great 3d soccer sim game with upgrades.
Play as Cristiano Ronaldo and lead your team to glory in a penalty kick tournament
Practice your diving skills in this challenging diving sim game. Perform tricks and grab all coins for extra score.
Set the trajectory and jump into the pool from a balcony. Just watch out for the alligator in the pool!
Let's get this match started! Play against the computer or a friend in a foosball match! Score as many goals as possible to beat your opponent.
Train your ducks and compete in races and tournaments. The life of a duck is short so do not waste time, and train your duckling.
Start your engine and be prepared for the race of your life! The game features over 18 challenging levels and 12 different vehicles. Perform different stunts...
You are a girl standing on the shore trying to catch fish. The challenges are casting, luring without getting the wrong size fish, and reeling in without get...
A retro single-screen game of Dodgeball! Use only one button to catch and throw back the ball.
Play the England Premiere League season 2015-2016. Pick your team and try to win the championship.
A fun story-based bowling game. Help detective Rollins take down the King Pins and their leader, the evil Czar Red Pin!
An addictive one-button american football penalty game to cure your boredom.
Run as fast and far as you can without running into obstacles.
Choose an horse and compete against others. Each horse has different speed, power, power recovery and temperament so be careful when you first choose your ho...
Do you have the Golden touch? Try your hand at this SMOOTH bowling game!
Test your multitasking skills in this challenging horse racing game.
The Knights are out on Christmas jousting through the town. Choose a Knight to fight and upgrade your equipment with a lot of hilarious options.