Slender The Nine Pages, a 3d horror game with the popular character slenderman
Developed by Arthur Petrzak
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Slender The Nine Pages is finally here! Grab all 9 pages and find a way out of the underground before Slenderman finds you. The game features 3 different game modes.

user reviews & player tips

i hate it when he traps me in a small room ;-; I'm like "why" *cry softly*
TheLoyalist's profile page
Hahahahaha,oy my god ^_^
003333's profile page
That scared the living day lights out of me!!
Darkprincess320's profile page
This game is- why do I even try?! *sigh* This website hates me *cries in corner* Oh yes, I nearly forgot. The Rebellion will rise against the Council!
FaeofFear's profile page
wow so scary hahaha I die in the real live wow this gane isnt for childrens
daniuzumaki136's profile page
He....touched me i couldnt fap with him around xDD and i shitted ma pants
crayolo's profile page
*5/8* yayy *See's slender* O-O no no *He gets closer* NO NO NO NO NO *My screen gets fuzzy* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Dies* ;^; slendy you big MEANIE
RinOkumura's profile page
reminds me of markiplier playing this game
domthetron1987's profile page
why nine pages ....
Haryu's profile page
If you're looking for a good scare look no further! This game will scare the crap out of you, I can promise you that.
thenoble's profile page
Love this game!! Its 3spooky5me ;-;
squaky123's profile page
choked when I saw him I had a pewdiepie reaction omfg ugh spit in my throat
maddybri's profile page
RichardRamirez's profile page
Oh mer gawd i just got my first page, but my friend destracted me and i turned around and he's right there i'm like: welp someones gonna get a good ol sp.ankin (aka my friend) ;-;
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