Slender: The Cursed Forest

Slender: The Cursed Forest is an multiplayer based slender game developed by Omar Jbara
Slender: The Cursed Forest has been developed by Omar Jbara
An astonishing multiplayer based slender game to play with your friends. Hunt or be hunted! The game can be played in single mode also.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

'like' this for Pewdie to play :3
I liked this game because it isn't just some stupid Slender Clone, this is actually a genuine well made Slender game and I liked it.
Wait whose watching me! Ahhhh man, I can't even go to toilet
I've not played it yet but im waiting for someone to play multiplayer cause it looks epic so if ya wanna play just say :)
Oh gawd this is cray cray! I can't even walk for 1 minute with out looking back!
This game is really f**ing scary lol
i barlary played it but i got jumpscared
my multiplayer game's name will be steve if anyone wants to join
multiplayer anyone
it's not that bad ;)
The best online slender game ever! The fact that you can play with your mates is awesome!
haduuhh -_- kagetnya gak nanggung-nanggung!!!!
It isn't scary, it is just filled with suspense. I still give it 4 star because it does make me jumped on my seat.
i don't know what i was expecting exactly, but this game delivered at least half of those expectations. it was pretty good. :D