Shadowess, a challenging skill game with smart enemies
Developed by Playchilla
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Tactical shadow game, sneak around, don't get heard and stay in the darkness.

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thats what i was thinking more ppl need to get the badges they already have but then again maybe they just stopped caring. lots of new game yet none have badges.
willywonka639's profile page
why don't they make more games with badges
jlw125's profile page
ya maybe your right
jlw125's profile page
maybe we need to win all the badges they have "entered" under "badges" do not you think jlw125?
Eclipse666's profile page
fun game :) nice to find a good game around here :3 to bad it has no badge to get
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Degami you missed to cursing you?
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Who the f*ck may pays attention the counting to a game's review?
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review means comments(Dergami this is for you, for you who always misquotes my words)
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Not bad...not bad at all....just a little frustrating. ;)
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i lost chat! wtf
ex member account
my mother fuking computer is not working
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I got tired after level 14 lol
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this game is okay, and great storyline
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Stupid level 19...
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