Reflex, a challenging rhythm game
Developed by CandyFlame
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Test your skills in a quick game of reflex! Skilful hand to eye coordination is required to stop the button at the correct time to spell out the word REFLEX. Click the big red button to play the game. Timing is the key.

user reviews & player tips

a great game to teat your reflexes!
josh_26's profile page
My GOSH!!!! this game drives me crazy...... -__-
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Great game to boost your reflexes!
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cool game......... <3 it
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Just can't stop loving and playing this game!!!
bluephoenix000's profile page
cool game anyway u have to fast >,<
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awesome this game is cool , add me
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I Like this game -.-
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well...i has the loss -_-
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This was really fun and challenging c:
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ok i ges it cood be better
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Love thisgame its asome but drives me wild!!!
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It is a fun game
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My new favriote game
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