Ninja Hunter BloodMoon

Ninja Hunter BloodMoon, a freeware game developed by Bekho Team
Ninja Hunter BloodMoon has been developed by Bekho Team
Ninja hunter it's a Typing Action Defense game where you control a Samurai that has to stop an army of Ninjas trying to invade his temple.
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Game Reviews & Player Tips

I like defense games, but i really don't recommend this if you cant type good
this game sucks,but great way of typing practice
awesome except for the bugs. After you kill some enemies, their shadow keeps going and makes it through your gate, and some of the end of level bosses are confusing....the final boss you press the arrows and your ninja doesn't respond, and you die in one hit....wtF
This game is awesome if you have good typing skills. I like this game!
to play this game you need to be a professional typist otherwise you will not like this game. so, ya this game sucks. :I
I know it sucks but I want some badges!
I got to the demon king and the buttons do not respond. A for effort, but too many bugs
I love how this game tests your typing ability.
what ! my score is 102320 but i haven't got the impossible badge :S
this is my favourite game I have defended temple in 8 levels for 10 times
It's a really pretty fun game if you like challenging yourself. But I wouldn't recommend it to people who don't have typing as their best strength. But it helps you! (:
This game teach me how to type fast :)
This will be a good exam for people working at typing agencies XD
Wow I like this games , It fixed my typewriting XD