Coal Express 2, a freeware game
Developed by FreeAddictingGames
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Collect the goods from each factory and see if you can get them to the next factory, meeting the demands. From boxes, to logs, to tires, to basketballs, your journey is only just beginning.

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Not that fun and the instructions weren't that clear. Press up arrow to move forward and down to slow and move backward. Space bar is for extra power.
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7th :D *That's not a good place, right?* :D AAADDDD MEEEE :D
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Lame game, rubbish music and no instructions at all.
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not that fun i dont get the point of this game! :( add me!
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Game was getting hard!! Not that much fun..... Still awesome anyway..... Please Add Me As A Friend!! I have no friend at all.....
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g.a.y whats that spell GAY!
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