Beat Universe, a polished music game featuring great visual effects and addicting gameplay
Developed by Exbia
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Beat Universe is a music game where you compete against players around the world for the best overall score. Click the notes when their outer rings matches their circles.

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the reason why u guys dont like it is because u cant do it your crap and not boss u rage and say its crap look in the mirror ur crap try another game man i keep seeing the same thing over and over thumbs up if u agree they say its bad because they cant play it properly!
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look on top Beat Univers is a music game were u compete against player around the world.tell me whats wrong in the sentence......................
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I havent clicked this much since MineCraft
PurplePlatypus's profile page
awesome game music is cool
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Sadly, I don';t like the game.. I prefer playin Guitar geek. :(
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nothing's wrong with your comment andyposh... ehehehe LABBS KOH YAN... hahahaha
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HAY!!!! tagal magdownload nung music!!!! nakakaloka maghintay!!!! nakakaBORED... -_-
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@Dane_Rose americano sila di ka maiintindihan
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You know whats odd? When I was on the 2nd song, at some point right in the middle of the song, the music just shut right off! Had to beat the rest of the song MUSICLESS! But now, besides that, this game is EPIC! 5 out of 5 stars :P
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im gonna try to be on the top scores!!!
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Awesome music, amazing beat ^-^
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i hate that game so much its fu*ing stupid
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this gam is awsome
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i love this game i love the moosik! makes me have fun and wanna live out life
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