Meet the universe on this colorful puzzle game. A fun one-button skill game for the skilled gamers.
Choose your favorite flying machine and fly through the world while collecting stars and dodging different objects.
Rise to the top of the soccer world and defend your opponents in this wonderful soccer game!
Grab cash and power-ups and run from the police. How long can you last on the streets?
Spot the tile with the needed color within the time limit and click on it. The game features art-deco graphics and relaxing soundtracks.
Drive your monster truck like a maniac through the mountains while making sure not to loose your luggage.
Ride your bike like a pro in this challenging physics-based skill game.
Flip the bottle so it reaches it's destination safely. Play and unlock new types of bottles.
Don't let the snake loose it's tail while navigating through the maze.
A mouse-based reaction game where you must run as far as you can while dodging different kind of traps.
How far can you make it? Navigate trough the obstacles while you collect points to unlock new themes.
Jelly to the rescue! Guide the jelly through the maze until he arrives at the exit door.
Clear evidence that the one who said chickens can not fly was not a magician!