Serve your customers the best toast sandwiches ever and make sure your food meet the highest quality.
A fun fotball penalty simulation game. Pick a team and win the championship.
Test your aim in this casual archery sim game. Aim for the fruit not at the kid!
A fun multipleyer cooking game where you have to cook for your customers as fast as you can.
A fast-paced running game where you must collect as much loot as possible while dodging the huge tsunami wave.
Play against the computer in a air-hockey table game. Choose the difficulty and beat your opponents
Clear evidence that the one who said chickens can not fly was not a magician!
Hardcore platformer that will test your reflexes to the max. Help the little alien survive in a hostile world.
Prove you are the best in different mini-games while you jump, duck, collect and fight with different enemies.
How much of a driver are you? Prove you have some skills and complete all levels with all 3 stars!
Escape from the volcano and don't fall into the lava. Collect crystals and dodge the obstacles in your way.
How about spending some time fishing? A cute yet challenging fishing sim that will keep you entertained for quite a while.
Set the trajectory and jump into the pool from a balcony. Just watch out for the alligator in the pool!
Grab cash and power-ups and run from the police. How long can you last on the streets?