Knight Slider, a single screen puzzle game with heroes and goblins
Developed by FlashChaz
game rating
Spin each level so our hero can grab the golden key and reach for the exit door. Avoid falling into traps or spikes and make sure to kill some evil goblins in your way out.

user reviews & player tips

i just read that is a reminiscent of knigtfall now that make me dont want to play this game KNIGHTFALL IS ONE OF THE HARDEST GAMES HERE (only real gamers here knows that)
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this game is so hard stuck on final level
screamqueen's profile page
not too bad, reminiscent of knightfall... and it would be even cooler if some of the in-game achievements were gameshed achievements too :P
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well i actually like knightfall better, this game is more simple :P at least knightfall series has rpg-like aspects and more of a story, this ones just a puzzle game but the way you kill enemies is rather the same in both.
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