Werewolf Tycoon, a arcade werewolf sim flash game with pixelated graphics and great gameplay
Developed by Joe Williamson & Sam Twidale
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Have you ever wanted to be that big bad werewolf everyone is talking about? Here's your chance! Play as one and eat as many humans as possible while avoiding the paparazzi. If they see you make sure they won't get out alive or they will call the police. And remember...streetlamp light makes you easier to spot. Good luck and try not starve yourself to death.

user reviews & player tips

Addicting and fun game.
blazer5005's profile page
NICE.a must play classic
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this game is so fun XD
scaryfreak10098's profile page
if your caut by the army then click the right side of the screen to make a break for freedom
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like this comment if played in 2015! Feb 08-20 2015
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