Tinysasters 2

Tinysasters 2 is an city builder type pf game with cute graphics developed by Isabelle Volute
Tinysasters 2 has been developed by Isabelle Volute &Thomas Ygwee
Develop your civilization on a tiny tile-based world. Fight your way through natural disasters that reconfigure the ground and make your life harder.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Nice Game! Cute and love like if you do too.
this game is awesome!!! I normally don't like this type of game, but this one is really fun.
It's a fast pace cute game that is simple enough to not be overwhelming while playing yet chaotic enough to be a challenge. I played through to the last level in one go. :3 I'm saving the last one for later.
its a really cute game luv it!!!!
The game does look lovely, but the only problem I'm facing is that I can't build a sawmill. I built the city, the farm and everything is fine yet I can't reach the second age because, simply the sawmill icon isn't shown in the grassland section.. Is this only happening to me? And if so, why is it happening? :c I cant play the game x[[[