Monster Arena

Monster Arena is an monster sim game with isometric graphics developed by Little Giant World
Monster Arena has been developed by Little Giant World
Welcome to the Academy of Monster Arena! The Academy has been founded in the year 5150 by a small organisation called the League of Monster Trainers, LOMT. Before LOMT exist, all monsters lived wild, monsters were feared because of their power. They were even unfriendly to humans and very dangerous. Then LOMT came and they taught how to live alongside monsters. After that, now you can see all people always walk with monsters as their pet. Now, people have monsters as their pets and we live in harmony. Train and be friend with your own monster and teach him valuable power, defense, agility and

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Kirby has been located, send the SWAT team!
Nice little game i liked it. :)
This is actually a really good game. I am not one to play these types of games but I found this very interesting and quite fun. Spent two hours on it. Great game.
played once and it hanged
its cool i guess
pretty awesome!
One of the best games. PLEASE add badges ;)
im so confused this is like some pokemon type of shit
it`s good , but i hate dodge system .. OMG !