Blacksmith Lab

Blacksmith Lab is an blacksmith sim game developed by AUM Games
Blacksmith Lab has been developed by AUM Games
Do you have the skills to successfully manage an blacksmith lab in this highly addictive idle game? Handle, craft and sell orders to your customers in time while getting lots of money.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Finally beat the game!!!! ;-; took me like 2 days but yea...TIPS!!!! 1.) market will be your MAIN source of income, buy products when they hit 25 or lower and DONT sell till they hit 65 plus (ive seen the apples hit 98) 2.) also buy your auto mine and click FIRST !!!! they help you alot in the beggining 3.) max levels for upgrades are LV 30 and cost anywhere from 5-8.5 mil (thats where the marke
COOL! It is addictive! Couldn't stop playing until I get tired of it. lol
I would highly recommend this to someone if they like playing a good simulator game. Though, with it essentially being a cookie clicker, it has some objectives and things on the side that make it fun and addictive. I came back to keep playing more. First played it in the computer lab at school while I had all my work done. Couldn't. Stop. Playing.