Bathroom Simulator, a bathroom sim game
Developed by Big Fat Simulations Inc
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Learn how to react in a very common situation. Which bathroom stall should you use? Learn how to choose the ideal position as well as spotting safe strangers from dangerous ones.

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Pee with confidence.Sounds interesting.Fun to play.Avoid the psychopath in biker shirt and try to pee away from stinky herd.
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did you just... ASSUME MY GENDER?! TRIGGERED!!!!!?!!??!!?
vlikespie's profile page
whats the point of this game??
Lizie's profile page
i hate this game
nadamhmd's profile page
Worst game I've ever played in my whole life.
ChileLand's profile page
weird a.s.s game
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Esis makes her mark...
Esis's profile page
Now I know what is the life of being a man in the urinal :D
CookieBear's profile page
peopel actually like this???
crimsonmoon1's profile page
wtf is wrong with this game if you have to pee go pee there no wrong or roghts just go pee and wash your hands and leave
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this is stupid
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yes crimson, not me tho. this is weird. and i agree with peeps who hates this
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very nice game to play and funny.Try to pee away from the biker guy and mostly go for the side either the far left or right don't get between the people
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