The King of Dragons

The King of Dragons is an 2 players hack and slash game with retro feeling and tons of monsters and bosses to kill developed by Capcom
The King of Dragons has been developed by Capcom
People say that many villagers are being decimated by rampaging monsters and you are their last hope. Pick your favorite hero and embark in a journey through the Kingdom of Malus in search for the red dragon Gildiss.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

i am impressed. I remember this game early in my childhood
rate 1 no instructions on how to play i dont think?
its lagging....
there is no screen showing :/
super fun game
its fun and would play again.
I got 1st on the leaderboard!! :DD
Wow, I'm completely nostalgic after playing this game. I played this in my younger days, and I'm glad to see it here in GameShed.
not bad i rated it 5
I am glad this is reissued cuz I was a loser in the nineties and couldn't afford the console...thank you