SkyFyre 2, a side scrolling shooting game with dragons, monsters and tons of upgrades
Developed by SoybeanSoft
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Help Rynn to reach the Monster Kingdom and defeat the Monster King! Your trustworthy dragon fighter will take you over 8 challenging stages filled with traps, infinite waves of monsters and huge bosses. This is the sequel of the popular side-scrolling game launched in 2010.

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u are rite nice game
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hey wat up saadmansuri
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hahahha isavillarre is trying to take first rank but no
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i like this 1 then the other 1it is shooting a rocket on be and bye bye im in space i like hihg score better then badges cause there not pooting badges in
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Very good retro game.
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Quite interesting game!^.^ Thumbs Up!!
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I love this one! Prior to the first one it is great!
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good game going for the medals
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this game is interesting
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