Stick Squad 3, a the third installment of the popular stick-man shooting game, Stick Squad by Brutal Studio
Developed by Brutal Studio
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Our talented snipers, Damien Walker & Ron Hawkins are back in the action. Help them track down The Voice, the mastermind behind a famous criminal organisation responsible for for many criminal activities. The game features 20 different missions and over 60 objectives. Happy hunting!

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this is a fairly good game :)
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In all my life I ve been waiting for such awesome game like this one, mind blowing, awesome, cool, superb, niceeee, and astounded to have another word like that, I am amazed to say. It is speechless, I mean so awesome graphics and nice sounds. There ar lot of parts like this It is been a while since I haven't played a game so!, I repeat! sooo! addictive. If you like this game then rate it 5, it r
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i like figure sticks games .. it`s nice and funny ! :)
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If you don't like this're totally a sick person :D lol
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this is such a diffecult and good game i like the realism
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I love these sniper games, they interesting and full of violence just my sort of game lol
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