Robot Legions, a multidirectional action shooter
Developed by SentryGames
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Blast through waves of enemies to liberate your home planet. Collect gold and use it to upgrade your weapons and abilities.

user reviews & player tips

HOLY CRAP!!!! this is intense,
kickstartgaming's profile page
This game reminds me of a zombie game I played before but with no bunker to defend or go around do missions, Here is a hint to keep shooting hold the fire button.
Trapper11747's profile page
I Shoot And I Don't Shoot And I Lag Majorly Then Die. .-. 2 Out Of 5. This Game Isn't Even Worth It.
JerDozer's profile page
I gotta say,i love robots shooting stuff
zoomingbolt's profile page
easy game, quite a good game that is simple and short to p[lay
kmook's profile page