MFP is an action-packed rpg shooting game with some nice physics and lots of guns developed by Deadtoast Entertainment
MFP has been developed by Deadtoast Entertainment
Guide our protagonist and his imaginary friend, Pedro, in their fight against crime in this action-packed 2D platformer The game features slow-motion combat and an impressive arsenal. Blast your way through the neighborhood eliminating gangsters and criminals.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

i love the banana, i like how it tells you to shoot people. my kind of banana. Love the game tho. also.
i am first to comment ... :) and the game is very very cool <3
weird game completed it using (mostly) the knife and sometimes a gun but it's easy
okay i liked this game and this games will not work either
This game is really cool
why i cant play ? im a bit disappointed lol becauze it was a nice game huhuhu plz help i cant open the player
Love this game Its Gangster boi
two!!! first try on comment!