Galaxy X, a freeware game

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Galaxy X offers a fun action packed, casual shooting game that you can enjoy with your friends in real-time. Unfold the epic saga of the alien race called Groobs, who are desperately seeking a new host planet to save their dying homeworld, and the Humans, who are defending their world from these quirky invaders.

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whf? car battle?
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2nd nice game not bad ^_^
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hi their was a new game from 2 days you but some coment in it where did it goo ??
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yaa i dont now but maybe becau i say bad game or something like that do u ha
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do u have e-mail?? my email u will see in my profile
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hey i can add ppl i will try 2 send u somthing ..
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anybody else played sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeendy TUBBIES
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O /I\ I /\ dat ass
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not bad, is fot kids!!
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this is really not a good game.
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mediocre game. Can someone please rate my comment as good?
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