Awesome Tanks, a freeware game
Developed by Alexander Gette, Jurij Krivonos
game rating
Upgrade your tank and cause maximum destruction.
0 / 75
0 / 6
hunter badgedestroyer badgetreasurer badgeultracombo badgedodger badgethebestlevel badge

user reviews & player tips

if you need the secert badge finsh the game and creat a level and play it to get the secert badge
kevinjj's profile page
for the secret badge you have to create a level with the editor and play it
Metalmadness's profile page
if you nesorry metalmaddness said it mattbxc told me i got all badges plus 5 pts on all of them exept the last abdge
kevinjj's profile page
hmmmmmm like if u love these game
torriean's profile page
i got 30 pts on the game asome i think the secert badge is finsch all levels
kevinjj's profile page
this game is FREEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAKIN awesome!
thomasgabriel's profile page
This is hard but alot of fun!
Tankron's profile page
i can't get my secret badge. i finished the game and created a level but i still don't have it. :(
CatnipBoog's profile page
i like this game
Dicanetuna223's profile page
its very easy to create and play a level
alankrit's profile page
this is awsome game and will be very awseme if it multi player:D
naufalaniq's profile page
im logged in but i cant get points or my badges on my profile?
snider's profile page
ty for help with secret medal kevinjj and metalmadness, this game isnt too tough easy achievements just spam weapon 6 and keep it fully stocked
Mitte's profile page
THEBESTLEVEL badge is broken I guess
AVI5H's profile page