10 Bullets, a freeware game
Developed by Sushistory
game rating
How many ships can you destroy with 10 bullets?

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god i love this game!
rick_02's profile page
this game is so awesome and adictive
octanepunk's profile page
This game was hard at first but then it gets easy
ghost223's profile page
good game and easy also ;)
sweetypie1233's profile page
Love the game :D
SouthSideSuicide's profile page
its the badges
peerawat's profile page
You need a ton of luck in this game.....and a bit of skill too
dexterous's profile page
Lol its cool, you need good timing when to use your bullets...
RockMyDude's profile page
Well this is a fun game but i'm terrible at this which is really sad cause you only need to use one freaking button but it just makes me that much more amazed when i hit something and i manage to destroy 20 ships to bad i miss at leat 3 time :( Anyways this game is awesome, i'm pretty impressed with it.
GottaLuvFatCats's profile page
This Game Is So Easy & Cool :]
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guys! try not to use up all ur skill at this game in one turn, like I did.
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Damn I love this Game as Hell :d
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god this game its like one minuet your like yes yes yes YES oh HECK NOOOOOO :) its so fun and addicting
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you need to make good decisions in this game
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