10 Bullets

10 Bullets, a freeware game developed by Sushistory
10 Bullets has been developed by Sushistory
How many ships can you destroy with 10 bullets?

Game Reviews & Player Tips

god i love this game!
this game is so awesome and adictive
This game was hard at first but then it gets easy
good game and easy also ;)
Love the game :D
its the badges
You need a ton of luck in this game.....and a bit of skill too
Lol its cool, you need good timing when to use your bullets...
Well this is a fun game but i'm terrible at this which is really sad cause you only need to use one freaking button but it just makes me that much more amazed when i hit something and i manage to destroy 20 ships to bad i miss at leat 3 time :( Anyways this game is awesome, i'm pretty impressed with it.
This Game Is So Easy & Cool :]
guys! try not to use up all ur skill at this game in one turn, like I did.
Damn I love this Game as Hell :d
god this game its like one minuet your like yes yes yes YES oh HECK NOOOOOO :) its so fun and addicting
you need to make good decisions in this game