Vanish, a 3d maze exploring game with dark atmosphere
printscreen for Vanish game
printscreen for Vanish game
printscreen for Vanish game
printscreen for Vanish game
A terrifying maze exploring game that will test your sanity to the limit. For some unknown reasons you have been thrown into a dark labyrinth and must find a way to escape. Do you have what it takes to get out alive?
Developed by Mark Lemmons, Sean McSheehan, Vasco Torres, Eduardo Magalhaes and Joao Mascarenhas

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I remember watching markiplier play vanish, such greatness:3
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Haunt: The Real Slender
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This Is Legitness!!!
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This game is soo cool (and scary).
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its too realistic for me. i just shit myself... don't like this :< im going to play RPG bye guys
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its a little bit hard.
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this game scary
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I'm addicted to this game lol.
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dont like this at all
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