Urbex is an creepy point and click adventure game developed by Psionic Games
Urbex has been developed by Psionic Games
Urbex is the exploration of old abandoned buildings and man-made structures. Sometimes this involves trespassing leading to possible arrest and even jail time. It's also extremely dangerous in that buildings are often unsafe containing chemicals, looters or electrical hazards. Your best friend, Stinger, asked you to help him explore an abandoned factory. Being intrigued by these old buildings you agreed to join him. The key to the entrance door is somewhere hidden behind a rock. Find it and use it to enter the factory. Stinger should be somewhere inside the factory.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Such a fun games! ^w^
It's an amazing escape game ...really i loved it..wish another part comes as soon as possible ...
An absolutely amazing point and click adventure! Highly recommended. 5 stars ***** !
those laptop like things which came out f d wals were weird................... dat "MAKKHI" (fly) was funny 2 me (whom i later sliced in 2)
pawsome be bearific ;)
Super cool! Don't miss it!
Very beautiful atmospheric scary game with very good graphic.
Very scary and fun!!!!
"Download the latest Adobe Flash Player" I have; three times! Forget this crap.
A very good game, but not if you cheat or use a walkthrough. I guess the main character is rather stupid though, since no one would leave the compound open.
How do I kill the fly thing in chapter seven?
Awesome game fun
I Finished It Without No Walktrough