Unrested Souls, a 3d horror game inspired from the slender series
Developed by Austin P
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You have been sent by the Church to purify a house where terrible things has happened. The story tells about some women named Clair, whose family was murdered right before her eyes. Do you have what it takes to free all 7 souls? Watch out! Clair might still be present in the house and she doesn't like to be looked at!

user reviews & player tips

Played for ten minutes with my headset on, thinking I was a total boss, and now I'm already done. The atmosphere is awesome, definitely gives me the chills even now. AS for story, I have absolutely no clue. Ten minutes and it was 2spoopy4me.
HeliosBajammin's profile page
Very scary game 0_0 Don't play in this!!!
003333's profile page
the game is very very scary play it its good :)
forevercute's profile page
Jumpscares galore. Awesome! :D
Superheroguy123's profile page
Returned, by order of the king, to play this a second time and actually died this time. While the graphics aren't stellar (they're actually labeled as "Fantastic"), the game itself isn't awful. It's not something you'd want to play for days at a time, but it's worth some SMALL jumpscares.
HeliosBajammin's profile page
really scary.....!
nightsblood's profile page
I didn't really like this one because it seems a bit stereotypical and it was kind of predictable, I think there is a line between scary and just predictable, still it was time consuming and kinda entertaining to play at first.
TheGhost's profile page
Well programmed but too simple and unoriginal.
Geminate's profile page
Won't load. Tried five times. Lame.
Joedub's profile page
damn i can't even finish my hands won't stop shaking LOL very scary game i was sooo unprepared for that >.<
Sakiyoh's profile page
scary game man i thought i could handle it at 12 am but nopeee
Waterburn033's profile page
Man its verry scary its %!00 recommend to play it!
Jason20222's profile page
That's a f*****g scary game
KILLERNAS's profile page
scary game greta grapgincs I loved it
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