Under the Bed, a 2d horror game about the fear of darkness
Developed by Khamelot
game rating
An 2d horror platformer where you play asa young boy who is trying to overcame his fear of the dark. The game mechanics are quite interesting...you move in the dark and you can only see what is around when the game is paused. In order to progress, you need to observe, memorize and solve a few simple puzzles. Enjoy!

user reviews & player tips

To get past the monster without touching the stool after the kitchen scene you have to stand on the stool then jump off on the other side of the stool, after that you have to go a little to the left of the pink couch and immediately sprint for the closet, once it goes past you sprint for your room.
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I can not for the life of me sneak back past the monster, (This is after the kitchen scene) without accidentally moving the stool. (The stool makes noise when you brush it and that noise alerts the monster) Anyone have any ideas?
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Be quiet, hide and run.
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Get as close to the monsters as possible then blink. Or hide in the closets provided.
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I just wish it had a save file for when you come back, that way you don't have to re-do everything again.
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Quite unique and definitelly disturbing I must say, but how to pass the second monster?
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