Undead Isle: Chapter 1, a first person shooter game with zombies
Developed by MartianGames
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Unity 3D Advanced Survival Horror FPS. You find yourself on a mysterious island of horrific genetic experiments and creatures hungry for blood. You hope to find some way to defend yourself until military support arrives to pull you out!

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The only think I don't like is that you don't have checkpoints. I've gotten far and when I died... it brought me back to the beginning. Soooooo other than that, it's pretty good and very nice graphics. 4/5 Took a star off for not adding checkpoints in the game.
Lovelysophee014's profile page
A zombie survival game with a world to explore? That's all I could ask for. Great game! 5/5
Metalmadness's profile page
That damn girl in the chair scared the hell outta me good game =)
Nichick390's profile page
i dont trust the corridors O-O
EvilUnicornMaster's profile page
someone need to make a game where you're the zombie but you don't know until the very end and you have to decide whether you want to live or die.
artistictomboy's profile page
Damn girl on the chair ...
XPuffyCoconutX's profile page
How about make a Zombie survival game that is scary and that will not get so boring that i am singing Carl Popa (La Jiggy Jar Jar Do) when i am playing it, and make it harder for us MLG players to 360 no scope the zombies and other monsters
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this game is the best computer zombie game i have ever played. can't wait for part 2!
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hhahaha great game i played this one before but still its scary i am torturing a monster that scared me so much lol to get revenge nyahhaha
jprv47's profile page
the only thing im scared of is that im gunna die and need to stard All Over AGAIN
EvilUnicornMaster's profile page
Exceptionally good almost commercial quality game. You could not have more fun while being scared in Undead Isle. Kill or be killed!
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fall damage is a little riddiculous but overall a good game
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Thanks for the great feedback! And .. actually, this is an older version of the game, I am contacting gameshed to update to the latest version. These are problems now fixed in the latest version. (You can find it when you click the "More" button from the Main Menu. ;) 1. Fall Damage reduced 2. Blood Splatter on Zombies more visible 3. Easier to pickup items 4. Driving car over monsters wi
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It's nice that they made it so you could go in full screen o-o turn the graphics as far as they can go, turn your volume up, go in full screen and prepare to have nightmares!
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