The Wedding, a horror adventure game with good storyline and great gameplay
printscreen for The Wedding game
printscreen for The Wedding game
printscreen for The Wedding game
printscreen for The Wedding game
The Wedding is a great horror adventure game with great story-line and gameplay. Fallow the story of Anima and her future brother as they adventure into the woods.
Developed by Lewis Cavallo, Holly Acosta & Tyson Jones

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For those who cannot play the game after the installation. The game requires some game library and you have to install it by running the xp_rtp104e.exe file. This file is found inside the installation game folder. Just read the Read This!!.txt file. Thumbs up it that helped. Thank you!
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Interesting, I don't ever remember putting our game on this website or getting a message from someone asking for permission. Either way I am glad the game reached out to more people. We also have a Facebook page you can like. Type in Unfurl Productions in the search bar on Facebook and you should be able to find it. Please ask the creators before posting their games on other websites. We don't b
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@cmith91: Use the axe to cut the lodge near the road (it's the one located in the bottom left of the screen. To cut it bring Anima over the left edge of the lodge. Hope that helps.
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I'm stuck at the river where you need to cross the bridge. I have the woodcutting axe and I'm assuming you have to chop up a tree or one of the logs to makeshift a bridge but no matter what I try and use it on, nothing happens and I can't go back. Please help if you can
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The code for the keypad in the book case room is "245" :3
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I downloaded this game a few times because during the download it failed the whole time. now ive reached the daily limit. it really bothers me because i really wanna play it now!!
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I can't install the game! HALP!
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well that justs bull.
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CAN'T DOWNLOAD! Says Windows can't open the folder, compressed zipped (some more bs here) is invalid. Where do i find this game library and how can I open the read me files if the folder itself is not even openable? Thanks ^^
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Starting to love RPG-based horror games after playing Misao and Mad Father, I can't wait to play this one!
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when you need to download xp_rtp104e.exe, is it safe to download?
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This game was super fun. It wasn't really scary, but it was still entertaining. The audio was very creepy, as well. Recommended.
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How do you fullscreen this game anyways?
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