The Stone of Anamara Chapter 1

The Stone of Anamara Chapter 1 is an scary point and click adventure game developed by Gabriel Rodriguez
The Stone of Anamara Chapter 1 has been developed by Gabriel Rodriguez
Face supernatural forces, unveil the mysteries hidden in the Mental Asylum for Children and fulfill the destiny of 'La piedra de Anamara'

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Ooohh.. we heard that the makers of this game were going to make a second chapter but died mysteriously before finishing it.. Very spooky, indeed..
1. Turn right from the front door to go to the back of the house. 2. Take the KEY underneath the mat of the back door 3. Turn right and click on the leaves until you uncover a fuse box. 4. Use KEY to open the fuse box and click a few of the fuses to screw them back in, restoring power to the house. 5. Turn right and set the clock to 6:55 6. Turn right and take KEY from the desk drawer with a blue
any one help me how to go out of the bath rooom plzz
how do you get to the fuse box?????
wheres the key for the door
i couldnt even get in...im impatient...someone tell me how to get in.
very good game but it's too short!
Scary Game Rating 7 out of 10 (being generous) not going to tell you why though. Cause i want it to be a surprise. All in the house you will find scary is the Ghosts one more than the other probably only a couple scary moments nothing to bad nothing hurt you or try's to. Love the story behind it. Its sad and a little strange. and is hard to figure out in some spots.
You said it was unfinished. WELL DUH! its chapter 1 like it says in the title
Not Scary, no blood just kinda sad i want to figure out who the little girl is i hope there is another one i don't think the person died at the end and i want to see more.
Guys I did it but it has been a long time since then plus I think your right about the creator dokutabatafurai.
How the hell do you get the other keys?
love it so good beat the game awsome wow
really play this game