The Sandman, a freeware horror rpg adventure game
printscreen for The Sandman game
printscreen for The Sandman game
printscreen for The Sandman game
printscreen for The Sandman game
The Sandman...he doesn't like children who stays he digs their eyes with a spoon and makes them into stew!!!
Developed by Uri & Vgperson

user reviews & player tips

I just downloaded this and so far this is amazing thank u game shed :D
ZoieLovesYou2's profile page
This game started out amazing, kept being amazing and ended likewise. I've been longing for something like this for some time now, and it finally came out better than expected. Very good work, just as always - keep it coming Uri and Vgperson!
Andreltd's profile page
ummmmmmm what did i just play... and why did i want to download jk it was fun to play... maybe lol
Darkflamemaster's profile page
Downloading this right now. I hope it's as good as the comments make it seem. By the description it sounds pretty amazing.
meggie_ryugu's profile page
good game for sure 5* ^^
HardCandy's profile page
Is this the Sequel to the Crooked Man? David's apartment is in here
ColorDay71's profile page
I really like the game, but i'm stuck at the part in the mall, having to get past all those guards. Other than that, I love this game!
tommycat01's profile page
This is defiantly a good game. (Not that Uri doesn't always make good games) I wouldn't say it was scary, but it was fun. My only issue was running away from The Sandman (That part scared me/gave me anxiety), I could not do it so I had to email my save file over to another person and she did it for me. What shocked me most was an appearance of one of Uri's other characters. I won't say who, but
DarkRose's profile page
I loved it, definitely creepy. Very good game...
Fangirl9916's profile page
i downloaded the game, but when i i'm going to save, it saves, but i exit the game and when i i'm going to play again there's no more of my save, how can i save and then exit woth safety and my game is okay and i can continue playing wherever i want, like a normal game?
cheilany's profile page
Great game! The plot is amazing, the puzzles are not too hard, the art is amazing and I'm just glad that the main character isn't some whiny brat like in other pixel horror games I've played. (Like Desert Nightmare. God, I didn't like Sandra at all...) Also, this somehow reminds me of The Crooked Man... Hmmm.. Wasn't David in that one too? Or is this Dave a clone of him or something? :D I don't kn
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I love games like this!
Kris19275's profile page
This would be the greatest horror adventure game I've played so far! Uri & Vgperson YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Luv' u guys, I really do!!
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What a thrilling game
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