The Outbreak, a intractive game with zombies
Developed by SilkTricky Production
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The Outbreak is an interactive movie. At certain points of the movie, you will be prompted to make a choice. These choices will determine your survival. Should you make the wrong choice, use the Chapter Select button to quickly navigate back to where you last were.

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Steps~ 1st save the old dude. 2nd stay there. 3rd gather firewood! 4th go down into basement (stupid right but just do it) 5th leave girl -.- 6th take road have fun watching the credits afterwardbx) if u still dont win pm and i will fix that problem
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Love it! wish they made another
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The girl is such a terrible actress!!!!!
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This game is really good becuase it puts you in the situation you dont just blow up zombies. This "shows you what to do" in event of a zombie out brake! L O V E I T ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! they need to make a another one!
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how do you keep ur points after a game im new to this
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I think the interactive movie was a good idea, they should make more of them. I died several times though, I thought the dirt bike was a cool idea..
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They better make a sequel to this soon!
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It was a really good game, i give it a 5/5, although i died a lot of times lol.
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Ahh survived yes in 1 try
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yes i did it ... i die a looot butt nice game i want 2 save the girl buttt i cant lol :)
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is there actuly a resolution to this?if so,can someone please send me a walkthrough?
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no matter which i choose i im dying over and over again
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Well Midnightlove i am not allowed to go on this site over at my school we have to play at a math games site
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