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U call that jump scare, "O MY GOD, WHAT WAS THAT!!", okay u got me that was a fake scream, but still horror is my genre. The graphics are gud though and same to the sounds but when ur dead time comes u get killed by no one!?
seems to be in a beta stage, but those sounds are chilling, i had chills the who im i was playing, and when the monster got me, the game would stop and i can hear it killing me but i dont see it happen, other than that its an okay game :)
I am hide it smarter!!! monster not see me!!! lol!!!
I like scary stuff, but those sounds were making me shake violently. Great game though!
Only on Firefox? What BS!!!
I am hide it smarter!!!
First it tells me that Microsoft edge can't run this, it tells me that fire fox will . No it will not. This is messed up !
Defiantly wasn't the scariest game I've every played...it was...ok.
this was stupid and that baby needs to die
Not much of a mansion, no tour. Wander until you get eaten, boring.