The Last Door: Prologue, a pixel art horror adventure game
Developed by the Game Kitchen
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The Last Door, that was the last thing my old friend Anthony wrote in his letter. I hadn't heard anything from him since we left the University. Something serious must have happened.
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A crime has been committed and I'm probably in mortal danger in a dark and eerie house. Best wander around on my own for a bit.
Rammy's profile page
this game's cool i hope they finish it
lilginger13's profile page
oh my god the lantern has gone....... :(
cuti19's profile page
i like pixel games
iwanttodiepls's profile page
just a all right game bit im going to play the full game but it would be cool if it was badges
kevinjj's profile page
Jeez people it's just a trailer/ sneak peek -_- The guy even said so in the beginning.
Chopsuey9444's profile page
well i didn't like it, but i didn't hate it either. still i'm looking forward on playing the full game.
rick_02's profile page
actually kinda scary
Arin's profile page
lol, it's nice game :)
Princess0Nour's profile page
Can't wait until its finished and guys its a prologue so it doesn't have badges yet because this is a sneak peak of the game :P
pancakefluffer's profile page
what!? is that it My freacking lantern ran out of oil! why is it game over!?!? did i die what happened!?
firerunner500's profile page
Pixel Amnesia :O.
Daemaru's profile page
I had to look at a a kitty when it got dark im soo stuipid
justforyou123's profile page
aw man so scary!
Hack's profile page