The Last Door: Chapter 4, a the 4th part of the popular series The Last Door, an indie point and click adventure game with scary
Developed by the Game Kitchen
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Following Alexandre's advice, Jeremiah Devitt travels to the parish of Pevensey, in East Sussex. Once there, according to his friend, he will find the answers to all his questions.
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Click on Devitt. Click on the table. Click on Devitt again. Click through the dialogue and scenes. Click through the conversations and go through all of the dialogue options. When you regain control of Devitt, walk all the way left to the next screen. Walk all the way left again before entering the house. This is the foyer, go upstairs to begin with and enter the first room. Talk to Alexandre an
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Ah yes. I have been waiting long to play this. This is one of the greatest and most beautifully made browser games I've ever played, everyone who likes point-and-click adventures should definitely try this out!
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Whoa, after I'd been in the house in the game for a while I pressed a wrong button and accidentally closed my browser. When I turned my light on I found a med it medium-small black feather on the ground behind where I was sitting. I find it eerie the Intro credit screens dwelled so much on the crow, and then the game hinted at it with the clock and I found one behind me. I've never found a black f
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Yess!! I've been waiting for this game!
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I was waiting for this episode. Such a nice game. looking forward to the next season ^-^
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CHAPTER 4 !! finaly :D
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i love this game!it's so scary
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There's gonna be a season 2??? Can't wait!
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I can't wait for the next season!! :) I love this series!
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Awesome series. Can't wait for Season 2!!
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its a really weird serie but i kinda like it :3
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chapteR 4 FINALLY!
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