The Last Door: Chapter 2, a the second part of the popular horror detective game, The Last Door
Developed by the Game Kitchen
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Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is i heaven. Give us each day our daily bread. Forgive us our sins, for we ourselves forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen!
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Gameshed, please fix the badge from both here and the previous chapter of this game. the badge doesn't appear even though the game is completed. Well, on behalf of all the user's here that didn't get the badge, i thank you in advance. (I hope I won't be assumed as being presumptuous)
rick_02's profile page
Absolutely fantastic, can't wait til' part 3 is on Gameshed.
Killjoy's profile page
yeah! can't wait for chapter 3!! :D
dianacx's profile page
omfg.... im just jammin out singing and listening to bring me the horizon then pow!!!! theres the eye and tht sound :/ scared me... lol
emoangel101's profile page
@Rick_02 - i know what you mean :) ever since i found out that saying "thank you in advanced" can be considered presumptuous, now i can't say that without thinking of it as not presumptuous ^^ but i guess it really depends on what the favor/request is. In this case though, it's mostly sounds what it actually and literally means. And your right!, the badge doesn't work for me too :( pls fix it game
LadyRomanoff's profile page
Great game! At first I thought it was short, but then after the credits the game kept going. Great story!
jenlissa's profile page
This game was awesome once again, looking forward to Chapter 3 :3 <3
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Yet another brilliant title from Game Shed!
t1ckt0ck's profile page
awesome game and i cant wait the 3rd one
blazer5005's profile page
I WILL ADD WHOEVER HELPS ME WITH THIS. I am stuck with the mirror, net, log, musicbox, coin, and stone. I have no idea what else to do I already know the musicbox and coin can be combined to have the musicbox play but I do not understand what else to do. I've talked to the people and everything. PLEASE HELP!!!!
AngelWings107's profile page
The the story and also the pixel graphics are great This is one of my favorite point and click horrors ever
hunters12's profile page
That ending though :) absolutely can't wait for part 3, this oughtta be guuud
YodaOnlyLikesOranges's profile page
Have played all of the chapters of The Last Door, and this one is my favorite. Very interesting story, nice pixel graphics, and gameplay isnt too easy, nor too difficult. Nicely made. (:
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this game is great i just played this for the second time and it still doesn't get old! :D
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