The Last Door: Chapter 1, a the first chapter of the popular adventure point and click game, The Last Door
Developed by the Game Kitchen
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My life is on a course that I can't escape from. It's too late for me now. I just hope you could forgive me someday. Your sincerely, Anthony Beechworth.
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Anyone else scared after the room with the record player was filled with crows and emanated a God-awful sound effect? Just me being a giant pansy? Oh awesome....
bulmathedragon's profile page
I've been waiting for this game to be free since January. :D Umbelievable story. I love pixelated games and horror ones so this is the perfect combination. Can't wait till September for the 2nd chapter.
dimila1999's profile page
FInish this game but i don't get the badge -.-.
Smokeys112's profile page
I have complete the game and miss the badge, hate it, happens all time :/ Where can i post something about missing badges?
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For those stuck on the part with the cat here is some help. Go to the room next to the barricaded door. Use the hairpin on the window you then unlock the next room. Now you need to grab the hammer from the room and break the wall down.
I didn't get the badge for finishing :/
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I really like this game but because it's pixelated it's hard to see some of the smaller items especially in dark places which makes it hard to find things out but once you get past that it's a very good game. I also love how it's set in 1981.
GottaLuvFatCats's profile page
opps i meant 1891 got the order mixed up but still a good game, Mimi90 you have to get the paint thinner from in there and put on the rag then you have to go into the wife's room(think it is but it has a dead woman in it) then go into the room with all the paintings and i'll figure it out.
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at the very end,i nearly got a heart attack.I just paused before the jumpscare to put my dishes to the sink and when i came back,started the game..the jumpscare got me right away.;___; oh Bless my heart *=*
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The music in this game was beautiful.
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Really good game! Took me a little while to beat but it was worth it. Cant wait for the next one to come out, i love games with good storylines.
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i just finished it but didn't got the badge :P
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i just finished the game and oh my gosh this game is awesome. sad stories kinda make you think about life more.
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i just finished this game.. and hmm it seem so easy.. i cant wait for chapter 2 to come out.. its different than other games.. although its pixelated game...
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