The Grudge, a horror point and click game
Developed by SonyPictures
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Creepy point and click adventure, based on horror movie `The Grudge`. Why you are alone in that evil house? You'll find out...

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eat the game heres how 1. first, look at your checklist. it will list a couple things you have to do. you need to complete those before you do anything else. here they are: a. call me when you get home. to do this just go to the room with a tv and click on the phone and press the yellow button. done! (press the black button to go away from it). b. mom's pills are in the bathroom. go upstairs and c
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i used a different name and initial..........just in case
Rammy's profile page
im a wussy I played without the sound...
screamgirl13's profile page
pft i died really fast Dx
ex member account
you know what is scary huh, the loading time of this game
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I feel heartattack for grudge....
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Asian Scary Stories Are The Best c:
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god im scard..=(
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dis game is fking shit
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This game creeps me out.
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scaaaaaaaary help me its to scary why i play that ****
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OOOO nicee!!!************+_+
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I get scared after going up the stairs and I normally go up the stairs first
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this game so fcking shit!! so scary!!!
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