The Groundskeeper, a astonishing indie horror game that will definitely keep you on your toes
printscreen for The Groundskeeper game
printscreen for The Groundskeeper game
printscreen for The Groundskeeper game
printscreen for The Groundskeeper game
After a horrific accident, you find yourself trapped in an unfamiliar place where no one can hear you scream. There's a dark presence... A dark secret that this place holds. Is there any way out? Is HE watching?
Developed by Jacob Nybo, Aaron Nybo, Sam Jeffery, Logan Combers & Shane Campbell

user reviews & player tips

Well well look at that, sure looks intresting can't wait to see how it looks like let's a go!
jimmythegreekone's profile page
Ready to play this for youtube.Search my username on youtube for scary game playthroughs.
ollieisalive's profile page
this game isn't really that scary but its all-right
Cleveland's profile page
Finally ! A good looking slender man game... Can't wait to play it :)
psyborgrey's profile page
this game is the horror with so many scares and it's intense (dare you to pause the game)
REDHEADMASER108's profile page
SO FREAKY!!!!!!!!
sparkyharty's profile page
Ha, I'm glad whoever made this was decent enough to warn about pausing the game! XD
Razzilla's profile page
Markiplier played this lol ^__^
LeviAckerman1's profile page
did a lets play on this. Youtube - metrokenshin
Metro's profile page
im scared about this game I heard that it is fun so im exited
seangaming's profile page
not bad the plane wreck was nicely done very good game
deathscream's profile page
amazing game with amazing game definetly takes the f@c!!cking place of hotel 626 since it was took down!
cHRISBOSSON's profile page
I almost crapped cause of a dumb jump scare xD
StonerFace72's profile page
great game, i almost peed myself!
IvonaBadWolf's profile page