The Deepest Sleep, a scary point and click pixel game
Developed by ScriptWelder
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You are the bottom depth now, there is nothing beneath you. It is important that you avoid the Bottom Feeders. They live at the bottom layer of the realm of dreams, feeding upon everything that ends up there. Even the Shadow People fear them. They sense motion, so don't make any sudden moves near them.
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For the secret badge you have to let the guy at the end escape.
Metalmadness's profile page
*sees dead body* oh hi how are you skeleton are you feeling "skinny" alright c ya ske- *sees weird ghost thing* WTF WAS THAT!!!!
Slender13's profile page
FINALY ITS HERE!!! i have been waiting SO LONG
TheFacelessSadow's profile page
So this is the game with the scary butthole pewds told me aobut XD
Nichick390's profile page
Oh boy, finished the Game in 30 Minutes... But where is the Secret! What is it! Ughn... Great Game, must replay it now and find the Secret!
GeekChic93's profile page
OMG is that the... OMG it's the scariest butthole -pewdiepie
ManifestoOfReaper's profile page
In one word:AWSOME
Esserenn's profile page
fun to see how the story unfold
echolink's profile page
I love the game and the secret badge that is obtainable. Also i love the fresh meat and dried herb easter egg (from "Dont escape")
Firereaper249's profile page
Thank yah MatelMadness for telling an i LOVE SCARY PUZZLE kind of games :3
EvilUnicornMaster's profile page
I prefer letting the guy go...besides, I have my worm buddy to keep me company.
PhantomOfTheHummus's profile page
absolutely great game, the best one so far and the twist in the end is brilliant
Connacemox's profile page
1.After waking up, you'll find yourself in a room. Keep clicking the shadowed figure slightly to the left, until you finish a conversation. 2. Click on the light and forward to a room. 3. Pick up the bottle on the floor, then head forward into the door. 4. Move forward twice, and you will find yourself in a church with three passageways. Go right and enter the storeroom. 5. Pick up the screwdriver
Smol's profile page
This game... its epic uhhh I want more so good
Nerdiestdemonangel67's profile page