Tears of Despair, a disturbing horror adventure game
Developed by SYCK
game rating
An disturbing horror game that will give you the creeps. The game fallows the story of Maria Pardo, an women trying to save her children in an post port apocalyptic world.

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rated "e" they said.... it was for everyone they said....
undyingUmbreon's profile page
what....in the hell.....was that...?
mellow's profile page
well I am scarred for life
Gamergirl921's profile page
Rated E for everyone!!
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This is what you call rated E?
AlternateHetalian's profile page
Hmm,interesting game.
003333's profile page
Uh pretty odd game...
LittleMissBlevy's profile page
it was okay...but too short
ganfor's profile page
Just one thing, the game is about a Colombian folk tale. Who is know as Llorona.
Yaddir's profile page
that was sick on any level !
Sani's profile page
WTF is this !!
biba's profile page
It would've been a good game if it wasn't that short. Man.
JYNX's profile page
i cant play D: help me play this game man ._. i mean what do i have to do to make her go forward. please help
zambieprincess's profile page
how can this be rated e how
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