Taunt is an horror rpg game inspired from silent hill developed by Charon
printscreen for Taunt game
printscreen for Taunt game
printscreen for Taunt game
printscreen for Taunt game
And they held each other and kissed...and pushed each other's darkness into the corner...believing in each others' light, each others' dream...
Taunt has been developed by Charon

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Suicase code is 1815 :3
It's not a full version, its a demo. I found the game to be very slow... not worth the download
Why I Cant Play This Game ?
The download didn't give me any problem. But even if the game have lots of detail...is so VERY slow. Slow pace, you can't skip the dialogue...oh god. A torture. I just drop it after the first slooow half hour. Nope, if this is a demo, is not worth.
nice game so far silent hill music :) seems like a good one :D
f.u.c.k i hate demos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fwck this game doesnt work 4 me.....!!!!!!
Honestly, this game is weird, plus, just a demo...and a bit boring and slow
the game does not work
I cannot even play this game i downloaded and it did not start up
I downloaded This game & Wont even starts !! waste of a time !!
I downloaded it by it won't work. Dang.
Hello guys, I played this game and so far it is interesting. I uploaded videos playing it. You can search the game in youtube.
Terrible. The game runs awfully and you die from just getting scared.