Survival Horror: Interactive Fiction, a text based horror game with scary elements
Developed by Joe Aaron Sellers
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The floor is cold. You wake up, but cannot remember what happened. You reach into your backpack, but it is empty. Your canteen is missing. It is not safe here, not anywhere but back at camp. Where are your friends?

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Wow! I'm glad that you guys like this! I wrote this game and submitted it on another site. No idea how it turned up here. You can play the whole game if you get the app, though. Search for "Survival Horror Interactive Fiction" on Facebook and send me a message if you have any questions.
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The most awesome Survival Horror: Interactive Fiction game ever!
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This is my game! You can download this app on your tablet or phone. Click on my profile and jump over to my website to get the full game.
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Girls, girls, ur both pretty. Can u stop now?
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I love this game! The idea is original and the execution is incredible! Every decision I had to make made me apprehensive!
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By far the best interactive game I've ever played. It's pretty hard but super fun. I sincerely hope that the developer makes more games like this. 100/10
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This game is great. Once you finish, you can do total failures. XD I do dumbest things on here :P
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I can't find any weapons in the school. I'm going to die here. DX
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MoonbirdGamer's profile page
this game is good, but very picky. 7/10
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I cant beat the fricking cafeteria!!!! help!!!!
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i cant get out! ive found every weapon! and i still cant get out.... -_-
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I lose! I AM SO DONE!
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Game is amazing tried to save the baby... I shed a couple tears when i incidentally drowned her....
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