SlenderCraft, a an minecraft-like version of the popular horror game, slenderman
printscreen for SlenderCraft game
printscreen for SlenderCraft game
printscreen for SlenderCraft game
printscreen for SlenderCraft game
After entering a nether portal, our protagonist finds himself teleported to an unfamiliar world, haunted by a strange paranormal entity that can kill you with a single look. Your goal in SlenderCraft is to collect eight pages hidden around the map, and resources in order to re-activate the nether portal while being relentlessly hunted by Slenderman. Can you escape?
Developed by MetaLWarrioR Games

user reviews & player tips

This game ruins 2 of my favourite games, doesn't work. I mean yeah its Okay, but its a knock off.
Detective's profile page
How do you pick up notes?!
GenM's profile page
Awesome game andIt is been a while since I haven't played a game so!, I repeat! sooo! addictive. If you like this game then rate it 5, it really deserves it and after playing, it will be also your favorite.
MadSaveges's profile page
IDK i tried but its NOT WORKING!!! screw this... GREAT game though
deadmau54321's profile page
its like a xerox copy of my favorite game MINECRAFT. . . .
c0wboy023's profile page
Ok if you have nothing else to do or you have actually played the REAL slender games...This is aright I guess but its pretty much the same old slender with a new texture and a few added things to do...
SteelwingedAngel's profile page
How do you pick up notes?
Happysony's profile page
did you really, truly spend the estimated 13 cheap hours it took to make this? and I normally don't even trash talk games, should have put a warning saying 'NO F*CKS WERE GIVEN IN THE CREATION OF THIS GAME"
KiwiSword's profile page
I dont know to play this game:v
redarmy1232's profile page
Doesn't work on me.. It says some numbers to send to the developer.. what should i do ? Wanna play this game so bad
Lotty's profile page
slendercraft is COOL
kief's profile page
Thumbs up if this game is not fun and if anyone wants to know the walkthrough and also how to pick up notes, i will help you. Just send ma a message
MadSaveges's profile page
This isn't fun it's a rip off don't play this game don't download it its a waste of time
TaylorSwift's profile page
Wow! I could not find this on any other website playable! Thanks GameShed you are the Best!
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