Silent Hill: Final Redemption, a horror point'n'click based on the Konami's popular video game
Developed by Sober Joe
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Your name is Nathan Wales and you committed a sin 9 years ago that had tragic consequences of people you knew and loved. Now, you're returning to the town of Silent Hill to find your saviour, Father Vincent.

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this game is something like scary....but this game is Scary
Drobo's profile page
Oh my gosh..... never go in the room with the nasty smell.... i learned from my mistake
Sometimes's profile page
i just liked every ones comment hahaha! :)
JamesCLOLZ's profile page
i went to the church got the key on the ground then i went to the apartments went up stairs went into the third room on the left, and then bamm a scary face popped up
alex hurst's profile page
died after 20 sec. cool.
Amit483's profile page
I almost peed my pants
Sandman656's profile page
i....peed myself...not gonna lie...i just peed myself a little..
ex member account
there are 4 scary pop ups and the first and last one made me jump after that i was lauphing good thumb me up if you agree
collin101's profile page
The combination is 666 GREEN. There's like no hints at all for this.
Secret_Agent_Z's profile page
i didnt even finish silent hill, lol!
NinjaGirl's profile page
LOL I'm dying.
Sk8rGirlPunk's profile page
......Father vincent...YOU MADE ME PEE A LITTLE!
ex member account
oh god nasty room scared me haha
angzk666's profile page
wooooooooooooo i got scared wen the thing poped out =0
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