Seven Mysteries, a creepy top down role playing game with horror elements and great jumpscares
printscreen for Seven Mysteries game
printscreen for Seven Mysteries game
printscreen for Seven Mysteries game
printscreen for Seven Mysteries game
Uncover the mysteries behind the killings at the Fudo Highschool. Pay attention and remember the numbers! And don't disregard what you see along the way. The game features 7 chapters and over 5 different endings.
Developed by Sang Le Hong

user reviews & player tips

Well if you guys were wondering, the controls are Shift- to run X- Inventory/Menu Arrow Keys- to move and Enter Key- to Interact It's a fairly simple game structure, but it's a great one.
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guys, wanna know how to walk faster/run? hit x, go to options, and where it says :character movement" or something, change it from "normal" to "faster". that way when u walk u will be fast and if u hit the shift key u will walk slow.
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I love the in-game combat just gives it more suspense even the story line is great :D
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Only Japanese I think horror game with perfect grammar usage.
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I Upload A Lets play Of This Game :D BEST GAME EVUUURRRRR <3
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why i cant dowloand this games?
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It's a game that is well worth a play! The one thing I'll say is that there are some tedious parts if you want the good ending. Otherwise, it's as creepy as hell!
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So yeah i was playing this while being with dad at home and i shouted:SHABADABADU! My dad thought im cray cray XD
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huh it's a scary game :/
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Just play it.... only get the bad ending.
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great game, really scary at times, abit short but yeah the story was good.
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I'm not going to lie, I though this said "se*em" mysteries at first.
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sooo temped to download! :)
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I just love the atmosphere and the jumpscares are amazing!
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