Schuld is an astonishing psychological horror adventure game with crazy plot twist developed by Kelven
printscreen for Schuld game
printscreen for Schuld game
printscreen for Schuld game
printscreen for Schuld game
Hear the story of Aaron a man who finds himself trapped in an hostile world filled with death and decay. Find why have you brought here and who are you. Schuld is highly recommended by GameShed Team!
Schuld has been developed by Kelven

Game Reviews & Player Tips

I'm loving these new games. ;D
this is a really fun game only problem is on the second part where you have to shoot the guy the up key stopped working for some reason. I tried starting a new game to see if that would fix the problem but it didn't if what ever issue with the game that causes that was fixed it would be awesome.
can you guys give me the password in the part where the boy was awake in his dream?
How do I solve the puzzle about the full moon?
I kept getting stuck at the running away from the flesh eaters part. But oh well, I'm a simple person and it'll take a while for me to get it.
Looks like a creepy pokemon game.
this game makes me so mad i allmost rage wuit i was this close | |
I played this before (Mostly because of Cry to be honest) anyway, it's hard to explain and it gets a little confusing but overall, really good.
this game was f.u.c.k.i.n.g wonderful all 3 parts of it.
this one was really really good but I feel like the ending was a bit early. the story could have been elongated.
schuld is dutch for guilt
The ending was like.. wtf bruh. great game !
I get all files, but not the game itself! >:(
Just finished the game.. It was awesome.