Resident Evil 7 Part 1

Resident Evil 7 Part 1 is an Resident Evil fan-made game with jumpscares and creepy atmosphere developed by Mr. WISH
Resident Evil 7 Part 1 has been developed by Mr. WISH
Three years after the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend, Mia, our protagonist, a young writer named Ethan Writers receives a phone call from the alleged victim in which she asks him to come pick her up from a small town in Luissiana, Dulvey. Warning, Rezident Evil 7 feature some serios jumpscares so those of you with a weak corazon please try something else.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

For the constraints of the engine it was good.
This was a very good game for a point and click. It definitely possessed a challenge. I look forward to the next.
Is it me or the online games are getting better and better? This game makes me wanna buy the PC game. Did anyone tried the PC game?
It's pretty good but the original game is better :))
Cool game but I am stuck help!!!
A game worth trying if you like horror adventure games. I was pretty skeptical at first but the game turned out to be good.
Just buy the actual game